The plants are our deep ancestors.

We rely on them for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, medicine, magic, and inspiration- and have since the beginningless beginning.

They are verdant spirits whose roots weave through the otherworld and whose fruits ripen in the world of name-and-form. Their mysteries are woven into the lore, praxis, and ritual of all magical ways.

In every culture and every tradition across time and place the plant spirits have been celebrated in lore, legend, and mystery; and they are here still- speaking in color, texture, aroma, and transformation.

The Green Arte is an offering that embodies ways of working with the plant spirits in expressions appropriate for who, when, and where we are. Here you'll find a growing collection of immersive courses to help you dig deeper into your connection with the green allies. Through cultivating relationships with the plants, we work a powerful path of modern visionary magic that places relationships above recipes.

Our sacred text is the great book of nature, our gods are the lady and lord of the primeval forest, and our rituals are poetry in action.

For those who seek old trees as altars, touch dirt for wisdom, and breathe to make magic; this space is for you. Welcome.


Explore the ancient roots of plant spirit work and learn ways you bring the wisdom, power, and guidance of our deep green ancestors into your life right here, right now. Tap into the wild green ways.


Sit in the front row for immersive classes from our apothecary, workshop, and shrines. Learn practical and approachable ways to work more deeply with the plant spirits, the ancestors, and the great green elders.


Whether you're new to the ancient tracks of plant work or already walk a magical path, The Green Arte is a vibrant, dynamic, and living tradition of folk-animistic practice you can work with wherever you may be planted.